Shin Yuna interview – video

ITZY Plays Who's Who

K-pop group ITZY (Yuna, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yeji) sits down to play a game of "Who's Who?" to determine everything ...

Itzy Inventing the English Language in American Interviews

After two copyright claims, here is the new vid. Hope you enjoy! Here's the link to the first video:

5 Things JYP Girl Group Maknaes Have In Common You Didn't Notice

Here's 5 things Female maknae line of JYP have in common. #KpopNews #ABIZ Subscribe to our channel ...

[ENGSUB] - ITZY(있지) - When Yuna is the oldest sister

- Park Won kiss the radio - [ENGsub] ITZY Yeji MV behind the scenes story link: - [ENG sub ...

TXT Hueningkai and İtzy Yuna Moments(YunKai)

I know they're kids but I ship them.Hope,You liked it. İtzy Txt Bts blackpink yuna kai moments yunkai twice stray kids yeji yeonjun ...

ITZY’s Yuna Shares Funny Moment With BTS’ Jungkook

BTS News | ITZY's Yuna Shares Funny Moment With BTS' Jungkook Hey everyone, I'm back with another update video.

ITZY's real singing voices

Look at these angels.

This Is How ITZY Was Formed

A little educational video about how ITZY was formed/discovered! From Pre-debut to now! ITZY ICY, ITZY Dalla Dalla, ITZY ...

있지 유나, 교복 입었지~예쁘지~ (ITZY YUNA, Hanlim entrance ceremony)

4일 오전 서울 송파구 한림연예예술고등학교에서 입학식이 열렸다.#있지#유나#ITZY#YUNA#입학식

ITZY sad (funny) story behind 'LOVE YOURSELF' Highlight Reel

Seriously guys , if people started hating on YUNA or even RYUJIN i'm gonna write u a deathnote...these girls must be protected.

Welcome back ITZY [Music Bank / ENG / 2020.03.13]

Welcome back ITZY [Music Bank / ENG / 2020.03.13] ▶Full Episodes Music Bank clips: ...

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