Nakai Rika interview – video

[ENG] Yuzuru & Shoma post-Oly interview (ft. Akiko) - S☆1 (17.2.2018)

Subbed by tsuki. Please don't repost this without permission! Turn on CC for subtitles. --- Find me on Tumblr/Twitter ...

[SUBS] Yuzuru Special Documentary before Worlds 2019 - part 1 [ENG, ESP] (21.3.2019)

Part 2: Part 3: . English & Spanish subtitles available. Please turn ...

The Real Miyagi - Extended Trailer 2016 [HD]

Available Now On DVD!!! www.

[ENG SUB] 2019 Yuzuru Hanyu Video Messages

A compilation of 3 clips of Yuzu's video messages from 2 award ceremonies in January 2019 which he was absent from. The first ...

[ENG SUBS] 181129 Myao Showroom - Feat. Miyu Takeuchi

竹内美宥 #타케우치미유 #TakeuchiMiyu Myao no Heya Showroom - feat. Takeuchi Miyu (190105): English Subs is completed ...

Yuzuru Hanyu playfully gets ready for interview

He did his pre-competition ritual and Seimei opening pose.

A J-Pop Star Apologized For 'Causing Trouble' After Speaking Out On Her Alleged Assault | TIME

A member of the Japanese girl group NGT48 says she’s “truly sorry” for “causing trouble” by discussing her alleged assault ...

An interview with Akira Nakai

We get to ask Nakai-san of RAUH-Welt Begriff some questions!

Soft-spoken Rin Nakai aims at growing women's MMA in Japan with UFC debut

An exclusive interview with Japanese starlet Rin Nakai will face Meisha Tate at UFC Fight Night 52 on ...

Bazan Yadda Nakai 'Yata America ba#Sabuwar Duniya By_Tijjani_Shehu_Yahya 2018

Shafin gidan talabijin na yanar gizo da zai rika kawo mu ku kayatattun videos a kyauta, ku yi subscribing din mu. Mun gode!

H!P Rival members beat down to stare down pt.2

OK so it continues check it out....... H!P drama continues It is funny though...... enjoy and don't forget to subscibe and add ...

Guan Yinping (Shiori Mikami) - Will to Fight

Guan Yinping's character song by her VA, Shiori Mikami.

How we could change the planet's climate future | David Wallace-Wells

Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more.

Tsuyoshi Nakai at the ABLF 2017

THE ABLF BUSINESS COURAGE AWARD 2017 Tsuyoshi Nakai CEO, Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum (JCCP), Japan ...

Hello! Morning - Morning Musume as Fairytale characters (ENG SUB)

I DO NOT OWN THE VIDEO only SUBS! Edit: these subs are made by me. There might be some mistakes, so comment if you want ...

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