Jefferson Moraes interview – video

Leonard Jefferson and his favorite RAGBRAI memories

Leonard Jefferson, III shares what he thinks is the best part of RAGBRAI - and he should know, he's ridden in 6 of them so far.

PHIL COLLINS 2018 - Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)

Phil Coliins 2018 - Este grande cantor, vai realizar uma turnê no Brasil em 2018, Vale apena conferir e assistir o Belíssimo show ...

Entrevista com Gustavo Mioto | The Noite (23/04/18)

Veja mais em Inscreva-se no canal do The Noite: Curta a ...

Evangelical: Jefferson Wants Creationism In School

Religious Right activist Frank Turek claimed yesterday that Thomas Jefferson would lead a second American Revolution against ...

Coach Crossings Interview with Eurico, World Class Jockey and Performance Coach

Welcome to 'Coach Crossings', a spotlight on Performance Coaches certified by Canada Coach Academy. Leah Butz, also a ...

Evolution vs. God

Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists from some of the world's top universities: • Peter Nonacs, Professor, ...

Lisa Valastro e Paulo ganham elogios após dançarem cha cha cha

Lisa Valastro agradeceu a oportunidade de participar do Dancing Brasil Especial. INSCREVA-SE: SAIBA ...

Tony Jefferson Trains The Schmo at his 7x7 Football Tournament

Baltimore Ravens' Safety Tony Jefferson came back to his high school to hold his annual football camp and 7x7 tournament.

How Do You Measure An Opportunity? | Jefferson Santos

2X IMD, Million Dollar Ring Earner- Jefferson Santos explains how and why you should measure an opportunity. Specifically WV.

MAST international Renato Malmegrim interview

Renato Malmegrim interview for MAST international.

The two teams whose Super Bowl windows are closing the most | Will Cain Show

Will Cain and Dan Orlovsky break down which NFL team’s Super Bowl chances are dwindling. They both agree that the New Orleans ...

RJ Barrett, Steve Nash have a close relationship | 2019 NBA Draft

RJ Barrett sits down with Maria Taylor and shares that he's been able to check off a lot of the basketball-related goals he ...

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