Jean-Pierre Barda interview – video

Pas d'amalgame #16 - Etre heureux comme un gay à Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv représente une bulle de quiétude pour la communauté LGBT. Mais est-il pour autant facile d'être gay en Israël ...

Jean-Pierre Barda - Pop Star / Vanity Lover - Army of Lovers

While some art forms are considered provocative, the artists themselves usually differ in opinion. Jean-Pierre Barda is a classic ...

😲 Army of Lovers vs. La Camilla - TV Fight - 1991 (English Translation / Subtitles)

Please enable the subtitles at the lower right hand corner. The English captions start about 18 seconds into the video.

VIP - Jean-Pierre Barda

Del 5 av 6. Nacka TV från 1999. Gäst: Jean-Pierre Barda. Programledare: Fredrik Ralstrand. Reporter: Simon Gunnarsson.

Army Of Lovers - Interview for MCM (French Television) 1994

Army Of Lovers interviewed for French music television MCM in order to promote their new single Sexual Revolution and new ...

Army of Lovers about private life

Армия Любовников и Оскар Кучера, шоу "Пирамида" Муз ТВ.

Army Of Lovers - Interview 1992 (Belgian television)

Interview recorded on RTL (Belgian television) in 1992 for the music chart show "Clip Clap".

Melodifestivalen 2013: Interview with Army in Lovers

Army of Lovers - Melodifestivalen participant 2013, semifinal 4 in Malmö. Their song "Rockin' The Ride" is written by Alexander ...

Army Of Lovers - Fashion News

Army Of Lovers, Alexander Bard, Jean-Pierre Barda, Michaela De La Cour, Dominika Peczynski, La Camilla.

Army of lovers Interview (Now tv, 1995)

Army of Lovers op bezoek bij Danny Rook in zijn programma N.O.W. TV.

Army Of Lovers Interview

REportaje sobre Army of Lovers en 1992.

ARMY OF LOVERS (Alexander Bard, Dominika Peczynski, Jean-Pierre Barda) & fans in Moscow, 2016.

Группа «Army of Lovers» в составе: Alexander Bard, Dominika Peczynski и Jean-Pierre Barda. Встреча с поклонниками в ...

Army of lovers Interview

Interview at certain TV channel.......(not the whole thing but its all i have!!)

Army of Lovers on "Super" 📺 Interview + Wedding Ceremony | Germany, 1994

On October 9, 1994, Army of Lovers were invited to the German morning show "Super" in order to promote their then-new album ...

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