Haruma Miura interview – video

Haruma Miura @ The Attack On Titan: Part 1 Premeire

Haruma Miura chats with Afterbuzz TV at the World Premiere of the live action adaptation of the hit series Attack on Titan.


ELLE TV JAPAN (2011) subtitles credit to ...

[ENG SUB] Miura Haruma speaking Mandarin on Japanese variety show

I own nothing. Miura Haruma spoke a line from his Mandarin script for the movie 'Five Minutes before the Dark of Night' (深夜前的 ...

WAKUWAKU JAPAN "TWO WEEKS" production press conference

Check out the special video of "TWO WEEKS" production press conference, ⭐starring Haruma Miura, Kyoko Yoshine, and ...

BONUS: Attack on Titan Movie - Kiko Mizuhara, Haruma Miura, Shinji Higuchi Full Press Conference.

BONUS FOOTAGE: Complete Attack on Titan Press Conference held at Lowes Hotel in Hollywood on July 15th, 2015. Features ...

Hapikuru HT ~ English subs

20111128 KTV Hapikuru featuring Takeru & Haruma. English subs by Yoshimi-san (stephany-310.tumblr.com) and Neil ...

Haruma Miura & Satoh Takeru in NY (full)

My english is not good, the translation may not correct 100% but just for you to understand what are they doing, enjoy.

【ELLE TV JAPAN】三浦春馬×佐藤 健の指差しゲーム

『エル・ガール』12月号でBOYS TALKを披露! 映画にテレビ、CMにと大活躍中のイケメン、三浦春馬&佐藤 健のツーショットが実現!

Miura Haruma introducing himself in Korean

Korea Japan Culture Festival 2013 at Coex.

MiuraHaruma - san interview

miura haruma interview.

VIDEO Haruma MIURA 三浦春馬 attends Paris Fashion Week 23 june 2019 show Paul Smith

VIDEO Haruma MIURA 三浦春馬 attends Paris Fashion Week 23 june 2019 show Paul Smith.

Japanese celebrities speaking english 10

So sorry for the late update. Thank you so much for following me here. Compilation 10. I do not own any of the rights to the videos ...

Haruma Miura & Takeru Sato -sit & talk-

tbh, i don't remember the title.

Takeru's Fear of Caterpillars & Haruma's Pill Bug Poop

LOL just a small part of HT ~Sekido no Mashita de Nabe wo Tsuzuku that I thought was pretty cute. XD English subtitles by me ...

Haruma Miura: Never forget this smile.

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