Eric Mun interview – video

Minwoo threw a bananna while watching Eric's kiss scene? [Happy Together / 2017.01.19]

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How did you two meet?! [Happy Together/2018.09.20]

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[ENGSUB]Eric hides in the bath tub for 2 hours to do what?

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[ENG] 080215 MBC Eric CF Interview + Andy Visit

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[ENG] 160519 Another Miss Oh (또!오해영) BTS (Part 4)

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[ENGSUB PART 1] OHYA cast Q and A time

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Eric Mun & Steve Jung & Junjin(?) Speaking English in Concert

061011 Mnet Star Watch Ep 5 Cr: ShinhwaChina Shinhwa 2006 SOTA Asia Tour in Singapore Concert.

Eric Mun ( Moon ) interview part. 1 of 2

I'm sorry...don't have a eng sub!

[ENG] 160428 Another Miss Oh (또!오해영) Special Commentary

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Idol Room Ep 2 - Shinhwa (eng sub)


Happy Together - Shinhwa is Back Special [ENG/2017.01.19]

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Eric [Shinhwa] speaking english (+ Shin Hye Sung)

but more like, Eric wants to get married!

060714 NHK Englishi Night Shinhwa Interview.flv

Eric spoke quite a bit of English here LMAO at about the chopsticks question.

[Arabic Sub] crazy interview with Eric mun - Shinhwa

Crazy moments Eric rapper of the Korean boyband Shinhwa ((أحلل النقل ولكن لا أحلل نسب ناقل العمل لنفسه))

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