Darien Townsend interview – video

WR Darien Townsend Postgame Comments vs. Indiana State

WR Darien Townsend talks to the media about his game-winning punt return in the Penguins' 13-10 win over Indiana State.

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Darien Townsend Freshmen Year.

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Darian Townsend

This video is about Darian Townsend.

WR Darien Townsend Postgame Comments vs. Duquesne | Sept. 1, 2016

Youngstown State wide receiver Darien Townsend speaks to the media following the Penguins' 45-10 win over Duquesne.

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The Smallest Church in America / Christ Chapel / Darien Georgia

In Darien Ga. just of I-95 on Hwy 17 at exit 67 sits the Smallest Church in America. Build in 1949 and Deeded to Jesus Christ.

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‘We’re going to Texas!’: YSU fans at MVR erupt with wild win

'We're going to Texas!': YSU fans at MVR erupt with wild win.


University of Arizona swim practice - Darian Townsend - 100 IM - 51.5 from a push.

YSU ended up with fewer tickets to championship game

YSU ended up with 1000. JMU got 7000.

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We chat to Huntress backstage at Download 2013!

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