Adriane Garcia interview – video

Adriane Garcia / Andre Santos Sporting

Programa: Só Visto RTP Reportagem: making off puma Andre Santos Repórter: Adriane Garcia.

Adriane Garcia / Só Visto / Porto / Portugal Fashion

Reportagem de Adriane Garcia para RTP Portugal.

Adriane Garcia

Programa: Só Visto - RTP Reportagem: clinica Cm2c Repórter: Adriane Garcia.

Adriane Garcia / Só Visto / Bastidores filme Virados do Avesso / Diogo Morgado

Bastidores filme Virados do Avesso Reportagem de Adriane Garcia.

You Tried It: Is Speaking Spanish in Front of Non-Speakers Rude?

Is it rude to speak in Spanish in front of non-Spanish speakers? Tamar and Adrienne speak their piece in this segment of You ...

Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana | Utlimate Highlights (Problem Solved!)

"Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana" was a boxing match between American Adrien Broner and Argentine Marcos Maidana.

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Excellent interview. #feb17 #libya

NPR foreign correspondent Lourdes Garcia-Navarro recently spent several weeks on the ground in Libya, covering the conflict ...

0newkids 007.avi

My Cousin Bianca and I were stir crazy for NKOT well we still are this is from April 1990 I was 16 and she was 14 years old and ...

ELL Interviews Adrian Garcia

Emerging Latino Leaders kicks off it's Mayoral Candidate Forum with this interview with mayoral candidate Adrian Garcia.

Interview with León García Corona (Northern Arizona University)

León García Corona is Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology at Northern Arizona University. In this interview, he discusses the ...

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